SWEDISH MULTICULTURALISM – the Noble Art of Making Sh*t Up As You Go Along


säg att du skojar

In February of 2017 the world suddenly turned its attention to Sweden and its liberal migration policies. The phrase ‘Last night in Sweden’ was meme-magic as soon as it left Donald Trumps tightly pursed lips. “Sweden? Who would believe this…!?” Trump mused in utter – albeit mock – disbelief… and then a big deal was made about how nothing in particular had happened in Sweden that particular last night. Even though it had (something bad happens every night in Sweden these days…) and every Swede knew it – just like kids with an alcoholic parent know. The Donald was right. Sweden has problems. We’re addicted to the elusive notion of ‘multiculturlaism’ and a lot of stuff has indeed happened in Sweden since the last time you looked. A lot of it bad.

By 1975 the ambitious Swedish ‘folkhem’-project was completed. People had jobs. There were no slums or ghettos. Women’s emancipation was well on…

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