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The Article


“Bali has been credited with his party’s drastic change in migration policy ”
Fake news…. The party has on the surface shown something that will be gone after a year or even less i.e. after the election….
“The centre-right Moderate Party now want migrant quotas, higher income thresholds for family-reunification, the right to refuse asylum seekers at the border, and Swedish language and citizenship tests.”
Fake news it will never happen… N.B. this party was i government 2006-2014 and the result was the problem we hade today….
To adapt the suggested solutions is too late they are more than a decennium too late….
This party was the architects for importing 800 000 during their eight years in charge… 100 000 per year will be as a comparison 3 millions each year to the US or more than half a million each year to UK…..
BUT we have an election the fall 2018……