AUS failure is same same as in Sweden

Dollars are that Aus or US?
$1Billion (AUS $) the cost for 420 MW places the cost at
SEK 16/W (installed) which is spot on the cost of windmills in Sweden and the usage or 30% is what we have on average in Sweden for installing soon 7 GW
Very interesting is that the figure “So now, that reference point is that figure of 17800GWH.” or as I write it 17.8 TWh is spot on the same as the result in Sweden….
“.. life expectancy of 25 years, but the real truth could be closer to only 20 years,” is not happening in Sweden plants are decommissioned earlier due to the growth from 0.5 MW to 3+MW det last 20 years…. money talks…
$ 16 billion (AUS) is SEK 100 Billion which is the cost of one nuclear reactor (Finland) 1.6 GW delivering close to 13 TWh . .
So the wind freaks says that 13 is less than the 18 GWh YES U´r right BUT to have this 13 TWh for 40 years will cost nuclear
Bottom line nuclear SEK 0.20 / kWh/year (plus some 5-10% fuel)
Bottom line wind SEK 0.27 / kWh/ year
And with a usage of 30% you will have to need some backup power like coal…. depending on what power balance (demand in GW´s) from the grid .. my guesswork is that sometimes you will need the 2.4 GW´s and the other side of the coin is that sometimes the demands are so low that even wind has to “go down” from its maximum hence usage will be lower in a system with intermittent wind and full power backup….
LCC bottom line will be this SEK 0.26 / kWh / year plus another close to SEK 0.26 / kWh / year
BOTTOM LINE at least double …