Demography01, same as demografi

Calculated statistics corrected by the number of foreign backgrounds that really come in some form of real work ie a full-time job, however, both part-time and more or less subsidized, so-called “xxx job”.

The result shows that the migration to Sweden has not achieved the purpose of taking care of an aging population, but on the contrary, the part of the population that receives pension or equivalent has increased if one takes into account, calculates that those who never come in a job actually become older a.k.a. retired. Even an increase in childbirth by 50% would not be worse.

Just the raw facts

2019-02-03 12_13_13-Start


Corrected with the “not in work” figures (and this i reality a godd prediction)

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and down under the real thing where the truth visualizes

  1. The group 0-24 years is in numbers 1.9 million vs 1 million IF there had been 40.000 more domestic children born the influx of foreign background had not ben necessary.
  2. Defacto older, 65+, is 1.7 million vs 1.2 million a huge over-representation…. will an increasing foreign background people 65+ take care of the problem with an older population… beats me…
  3. The working numbers are 3.4 million vs 0.86 million to the number of working people among domestic is 95% vs 39%
  4. Ballpark figures just domestic working will have 49% supporting 51% while foreign working  will have 26% supporting 72%OR bottom line all working 43% will support all non-working 57%
  5. 49–43 is a 6% of taxpayers diff….. Swedish taxpayers tax2.000 billion (SEK or 6% is SEK 120 billion average sum BUT of the cause, the reality is more

What could possibly go wrong?

N.B. the figures show to be persistent and all indications show that a high number of migrants will make figures worse……

And as some say “There is not a solution to raise more kids” my figures shows the



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