Done some calc from Björn Olanders facebook published data.

From top down to bottom:

  • Totally
  • Relatives / extension
  • Refugees

as seen the trend regarding total number of BUT (beviljade uppehållstillstånd a.k.a. granted residence permits) is  increasing square…

AND pls note that the figures starting at 15.000 and ending at 135.000 are number per years the total number for this 39 years (1980–2018) are….

2.4 million

Sweden has now 10 million living here…..

The derivative, the trend 2019 (40) then becomes 2019 150 k and 2022 (43) 166 k BUT this is a trend based on the slowed immigration..

just saying……

2019-01-20 01_36_42-start

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