The change 01

For decades, the immigration that the establishment has performed has had different outcomes depending on how domestic-born with native-born parents look like immigrants.
The digrams below  plus analyzes.

Comparison below between native-born with native-born parents and foreign-born.
The conclusion is that the demographics are really bad because there are so few children between 0 and 14 years.


The next comparison is between domestic-born with native-born parents, see here a baby boom and of course because young people get children and, moreover, to a greater extent than those with native-born parents. tax. In addition, the proportion of working age is far too low.


The third comparison is between native-born with native-born parents with a foreign-born and a native-born parent.
Many children ie young parents.
Moreover, here too, the proportion of working age is far too low. BUT, the increase in this group is markedly lower than the two groups above.


The comparison in Table 4 shows: (Domestic break-up compared to everyone with foreign origin)
– The proportion of working age is persistent for 12 years
– The proportion of the elderly increases in the group with foreign accidents ie it becomes more the same as domestic
– taking into account that only half with foreign burden of working age ever comes to work, we see that the proportion of elderly people with foreign origin de facto is 38%, while the proportion among those with domestic breakdown is after all only 24%, which more than well compensates the low exit in a job.

12 years 55% increase of those with foreign origin …
what is the designation of this … (yes besides the IPK of course)
The conclusion is that because only half of them ever come to work, this is an activity that despite all attempts has not saved the pensions or the care or the pensioners …
therefore, the retirement age is increased … every year in the heightened retirement age, the proportion of elderly people decreases by ~5% units, ie it is only necessary to raise the retirement age by 1 year for the pensions to be saved … but the plan is to raise the retirement age several years …
guess why ….


Migration’s main reason, agenda, has been said to be an aging population, so this is needed. AND said and done it has become a “better” age distribution but taking into account the low proportion of migrants who come into a real job, the effect of the enforced agenda is that the proportion of de facto pensioners has bottom line increased. AND despite the immigration being conducted, the proportion of older people in the country has increased. AND yes, of course, through an inflow of a few 65+ and thereby a larger proportion under 65, the demography with an annual dilution of those with foreign origin has made the matter on the paper a bit better … However, this pyramid scheme will have to be escalated with an increased annual inflow but as above not even that is enough.
Something absolutely non-politically correct must be applied (NPC). The advantage of this is that all the countries that wish their countrymen to return will be heard.