A circle


1. Alla kan bli smittade av detta hemska virus (de som orsakat pandemin alltså) 2. Alla, förmodligen kanske endast de smittade, kan smitta andra en punkt 1
Hur ska då smittspridningen stoppas?Den indiska metoden?Eller den nyligen lanserade Japanska?eller någon annan metod som gått under radarn…..
I Kina finns också 2-3 vaccin som getts till 100-tals miljoner kanske det vore något att överväga eller vi kanske hamnar på ruta 1 iaf.?
Å andra sidan är dödligheten fortfarande lägre än dödligheten pga rökning…. mycket….. och rörande de unga som inte isolerats har det dött ungefär en per årskull…. just saying regarding vaxing children…


  1. Everyone can get infected by this horrible virus (those who caused the pandemic)
  2. Everyone, probably perhaps only those infected, can infect others in point 1

How then should the spread of infection be stopped?
The Indian method?
Or the recently launched Japanese?
or any other method that went under the radar …..

In China, there are also 2-3 vaccines that have been given to hundreds of millions, maybe that would be something to consider or we might end up in box 1 anyway.?

On the other hand, the mortality rate is still lower than the mortality rate due to smoking …. a lot ….. and concerning the young people who are not isolated, about one per year litter has died …. just saying regarding waxing children …

The Cocid19 still kicking at the same pace…

Pls take note that the Y-axis is scalen logaritmic so any variation is kompressed….

and here is the linear scale.. probably this figures gives the mnedia, and big pharma, headlines… N:B. India used Ivermectin, will get to Japan tooo

And just as a coincidence Japan has started treatment with Ivermectin