What´s going on?

Collected data from https://ourworldindata.org/ and regarding Sweden some amazing things happened from 2020 and forward… 1H2020 very few covid-19 cases but a lot of deaths. The deaths are seen in other stats and there they have a lot of cases. (Hospitals)
This year at the beginning of the flu season we have 5.000 confirmed cases last season, the whole season, we hade 29 (S.I.C. 29)
Why did the infections sky rocket beginning 2021?
Why didn´t the hospitalization follow the infections 1H2020, det infections was really low rate?
Then 2H2020 the hospitalization and the infection correlated good.

BUT 1H2021 the infections increased BUT the hospitalizations didn´t .. really amazing
And now same lack of correlation infections increase but not the hospitalizations
X-axis days from February 2020 to december 2021 (W50)

The lack of correlation 1H2020 can been at least partially by the very low number of tests performed but not fully.
Testing 1Q2020 was at 25k/w and only very ill people tested… BUT only 20% tested positive … then rate of tests has been up to 350k/w BUT never passed 20% positive tests…. testing many with no symptoms will give a lot of negative tests so fair enough and the the increase of tests per week has shown a lower rate of positive tests which is natural…. BUT 1H2020 should be explained cause the say is that the tests will give false positive results

Cases ar per day both deaths and infections