The reality is not

The virus

Found in China, most likely, late 2019.

Started to spread among people than and after some months the virus was found in most of the countries in the world.

The first variant or one of the first is called Alfa .

The effect, the disease, has similar symptoms as the many variants of the influenza.

During tine there has developed many new variants and som, a handful, has been widely spread

In the beginning variants was serious but where after the variants has been less serious. At the same time the virus has developed more contagious (R0 = 10) In a week it ir spread to 10 patients in a month to 10 thousand people in two months to 10 million people (the size of Sweden and that happened) in 3 months 10 billion people…. Just a ball park figure but in one way or the other most of the people on earth has been infected and hopefully immune at least för a while

The Vaccines

There are 4 major types of vaccines 4+ using mRNA/DNA method where the cells in the injected patient produces a lot of spike proteins. The mRNA/DNA is injected in millions (billions) of ´cells hence a lot of spike proteins are produced…. Dependent of patient weight, physics, where the jab is placed etc the outcome is very different

Bottom line is that the used “One size fits all” thinking gives a very different outcome….. the safety is still to be determined in my view too many severe events has benn discovered and too many lethal (ww in many tens of thousands and Sweden in hundreds) The bottom line should have been a stop of vaccination after some tens of deaths…..

There has been billions jabbed with this “vaccine”.

There is 1 vaccine built on proteins, the spike protein among them, BUT as I have understood there are no production of spike proteins in the patients cells…. But quite a lot a one size fits all? Well perhaps not…

And then we have at least 3 vaccines dependent on inactivated virus which gives a broader immunity due to the naturally present variants….

What has been found is that after each dose there are shorter and shorter time for protection…

The virus and the vaccines

I can´t say never ever but not frequent has a vaccination been performed broadly across a population during a massive outbreak and after one year of spreading and using a vaccine built on the first variant of the virus….

Still the show goes on although a majority has been infected at least once….

The immunity from vaccines is shorter, much shorter then from the infection itself. Immunity from infection is inherited so new variants has a hard time infect already once infected.

The swedish model

We have in Sweden now 5 “approved” vaccines BUT the 2 DNA variants are paused….. the mRNA from Pfizer is OK and the mRNA from Moderna is “approved” for 30+ age… the firth, Novavax, is not yet used at least widely

There has been treated around 20million doses (mostly 2/patient but some has received 3 doses and a few 4 doses a 5:th is most likely be used)

The hidden agenda

In the west word any other cure than vaccines are not promoted…. In 60 countries Ivermectin a/o HCQ has been used…. India has, not counting the more then 100 times bigger population as Sweden, the about the same count of deaths….. please don´t mention US, 30% of the world uses Ivermectin 40% HCQ to cure…..

The open agenda

Widely spread in western main stream media….

“The vaccines are safe and effective”

How to bridge from the first, the only so far, mRNA and the second…. If you have something that cures and are safe and effective why do a change?

WHO vs Sweden

In Sweden you are fully vaccinated after 2 weeks from second jab and until 6 months than you ar not vaccinated…. Until a booster dose

WHO says after two doses you are fully vaccinated BUT to be optimally vaccinated you have to take the recommende boosters.

Now it´s changed to “Take all COVID-19 vaccine doses recommended to you by your health authority as soon as it is your turn, including a booster dose if recommended.

Hence they have aligned…..

AND reading from who:

Safe and effective vaccines are available that provide strong protection against serious illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19. Billions of people have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Getting vaccinated is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself against COVID-19, help end the pandemic and stop new variants emerging.”

What more important things is there Ivermectin and HCQ perhaps?

AND new variants will mostly emerge during a massive vaccination

VAERS database as well as other sources tells us otherwise


In the world the statistics tells us that yearly there dies 8 millions due to smoking…. After more than 2 years there has died with (NOT due to) 6 millions…. with the virus

Any questions on what´s going on?

Fakts not Fiction BUT a lot of PK cr_p


Top video (downloaded just in case)

My napkin calculation:
50 billion finances 1,000MW of nuclear power for 60 years
50 billion finances 3,000MW for 20 years
BUT the wind power only gives electricity 1/3 of the time, ie then we get 1,000MW for 20 years
thus, KK costs nothing for 40 years

The restoration is already financed regarding KK, while a restoration of attic also costs 5% of the installation ….

Such short electricity from wind costs 3x electricity from KK
wind has double emissions as KK

Reserve power from gas means that emissions from wind are up to 200 times more … than from KK

material consumption 10 times more
area required more than 1,000 times more

knowledgeable researchers believe that electricity from wind will be bottom line at least 5 times more expensive than electricity from KK

Every politician in the Riksdag, every minister, every journalist who has given support to this blow should be immediately separated from his duties ….


“Faster and cheaper” what are we getting for this money …..
120TWh dream on …..
learning curve is probably already a long way off ….. ie it flattens out
do we buy Russian gas and oil … ????
All Chinese companies always have a gold share ,,,,?
there are no facilities older than 20 years
Dismantling costs 10 million / facility
Infrasound is underestimated …
halved house prices